Getting down to it - 50 years of subsea success in Norway

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Norway’s subsea history is a tale of pioneering spirit and drive, innovation and boldness, and world class technology solutions and engineering skills. It’s about staking out an unexplored route, and about the way Norway – despite harsh weather conditions, deep waters and strict government regulation – has moved from importing subsea equipment for its Ekofisk field in 1971 to become a leading exporter of underwater technology worldwide in 2019.

            Subsea wells currently account for about half of Norway’s offshore oil and gas production. But Norwegian offshore technology also has a substantial transfer value to related activities such as offshore wind power, aquaculture and seabed mining. This sector provides the basis for new industrial development. Knowing where it has come from will be valuable for understanding its present position – and where it is heading.

            Underwater technology is not only an important element in the oil and gas industry, but also a key part of Norwegian industrial and contemporary history.

            This book has been written for a broad audience, it is copiously illustrated and presents developments partly chronologically and partly thematically. The story of Norwegian subsea technology has both a national and an international market.