Lysefjord : the Pulpit rock and Kjerag

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ISBN: 9788281400184

Lysefjord is a majestic natural phenomenon which leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has had the opportunity to feel its magic. Here is a wilderness that has to be experienced with sheer mountain walls rising more than 1000 metres above the sea, and with sea depths down to 460 metres. This book is written for visitors to the Pulpit Rock, Kjerag and Lysefjord - and is full of exciting, interesting and useful information. The reader is taken on an historic journey through the natural environment and culture of one of Norway's most frequently visited areas, and is provided with practical information along the way. The diverse fauna in the area is described in detail. This is the home of the golden eagle, several species of falcons and hawks, the chuckling ptarmigan, deer, roe deer and large reindeer. The characteristic black guillemot can be seen gliding over a calm fjord, and a seal swims silently on the surface. The occasional killer whale hunts incessantly for brisling. The salmon and sea trout struggle on their long and hazardous journey to spawn in the Lyse river. Several shark species and rare deep water fish come to the surface waters during the night. "Lysefjord" is also published in Norwegian, German and French.