The history of Stavanger : a complete urban history

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Forfatter: Helle, Knut
ISBN: 9788281400887

A complete urban history
The history of Stavanger is not only the first full study of the city's development in English, but also the first history of any Norwegian town to be published in this language. That is very appropriate, given Stavanger's long-standing international and multicultural character.
Few Norwegian cities can claim an equally dramatic past. This work unravels the historical threads, describes and explains them, and takes the reader on a fascinating journey over nine centuries. The book is aimed at a broad readership. It establishes an identity for the city and all its residents, and provides an ideal source for everyone who wants to understand Stavanger in a regional, national and international context.
Knut Helle (1930–2015) was professor emeritus of medieval history at the University of Bergen at the time of his death. He studied at the universities of Bergen and Oslo, graduating as cand philol (MA) from Bergen in 1957, and served as a junior research fellow with the Norwegian General Research Council and the University of Bergen 1958–63. He was reader of medieval history, 1963–73, and professor of medieval history, 1973–2000, at the University of Bergen.